Pinterest for Your Paint Colors

Pinterest for Your Paint

Have you ever used a paint color for your home, then later realize you can’t remember the color? When it is time to touch up handprints or scuffs, you have no idea how to figure out what color you used. First you look around the garage hoping to find that old paint can. Next you try to match those tiny chips on the paint cards to your wall. None of them look quite the same. Then you actually try to figure out how to get a piece of your wall to take to the paint store and realize how crazy and impossible that is. Finally you go buy a can of paint that looks like it would match and you try it on a small area, but it’s not the same color. You try again and again. Nothing matches and now you have all these patches on your wall to paint over plus the scuffs and handprints. Haven’t we all done this?

There is an easy solution to this problem at This new design hack for homeowners and design professionals is an online design center where you can upload your home project details, selections, and photos for every room to keep track of all the products, colors, layouts you have used. You can save this information for everything in your home and access it whenever you need to from wherever you are. You can share this information with contractors for ordering or installation. They can access your selections on the jobsite, eliminating confusion and mistakes. Having all of your choices recorded, organized, and saved in one place will save you time, money, and frustration during your home building project as well as years later for home maintenance and updates.

Take a free trial today at See how easy and fun it is to save all of your great ideas and manage your home’s details from your phone, tablet, or computer.